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debs beef jerky

Deb's Beef Jerky aka holy-cow! beef jerky is a family owned business. We make ten flavors of artisan beef jerky from hickory smoked flavors to teriyakis and signature flavors. We never add nitrates, MSG, tenderizers or artificial flavorings. Please note that the green labels are mild and the red are spicy.


A traditional non-sweet hickory smoked jerky with medium heat. 


Original X

A hotter version of Original.


Sweet & Chewy

A sweet hickory smoked with a little bit of spice. It is sweetened with honey, molasses and organic whole sugar.



A not so traditional hickory smoked black pepper. We are very liberal with the pepper so black pepper is the main flavor. 



A unique teriyaki simply sweetened with pineapple and honey. Our Teriyaki and Low Sodium, are the only jerky we make that has no pepper or spice in the ingredients.


Low Sodium

Intended for those with dietary needs, such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, Thyroid and all auto immures problem. It's also great for doggy jerky. A minimal ingredient jerky low in sodium plus gluten and sugar free.

Red Teriyaki

Teriyaki with an attitude! Spiced with holy-cow!’s special hot sauce and red pepper flakes. The flavor transforms from mildly sweet to spicy than hot.



A unique chew flavored with fresh ginger, toasted sesame and dry rice wine.



A savory combination of wasabi and dry sake wine.


Chiquila Lime

Chipotle peppers, gold tequila and fresh squeezed lime.



This jerky has a limited availability of the first week of each month. Made from fermented Carolina Reaper mash, it is intended only for those who like insanely hot jerky.

debs beef jerky

Our Story


"As a teenager, I was stunned when my hippy academia parents told me we would be moving from our beautiful home in Pittsburgh, PA to a farm in Virginia. They said to me, "we are going to be living off the land." Like any teenager, my first thought was, what's wrong with using the grocery store? Fortunately, this experience ended up being a blessing in disguise..."


- Founder, Debs McLaughlin