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debs beef jerky


holy-cow! beef jerky is a small family business located in sunny Central Florida. It was founded by me, Deborah McLaughlin, but I’m known as “Debs” by all my friends.


As a teenager, I was stunned when my hippy academia parents told me they where moving us from our beautiful home in Pittsburgh, PA to buy a farm in Virginia and live off the land. After all, who are they going to picket on a farm? And live off the land, what's wrong with the grocery

store? Fortunately, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


Our new neighbors took us in and taught us how to preserve all our foods. And of course, me being me, beef jerky was first on my list. Just think of all the allowance money I would save! And I’ve been making jerky ever since.


After retiring, I started developing new flavors and tested them on my friends. The result was I was constantly being asked to make more and more beef jerky. After a while I had to tell my friends no, it was just too expansive. Their response - I’ll buy it. I really didn’t take them seriously but they wouldn’t quit nagging me. And that, my friends, is how holy-cow! beef jerky was started.


As my small business started to grow with being excepted to vend at Farmer’s Markets, my roommate, Bradley started to help me out. Next, my son, Brandon, joined us. And now all three of us work seven days a week. Now that is love of jerky!